Thursday, May 16, 2013

There. Will. Be. Breaks.

Well, last night everybody left the house, so I tried something new.  Nope, not having an affair, or carrying out some odd pagan ritual--nothing so interesting as that.  Maybe you should stop reading now and go find something interesting--the internet is a big place.

I got out our Wii Fit CD and the balance board.

I've never used it before--somebody's always home and watching television.  I entered my birth date and height and it weighed me.  Then there were some fitness tests--mostly balancing.  It told me my 'fitness' age is 51.  Not too bad.  The other Wii game, Wii Sport, told me I'm 43, so if you average them out you get my actual age.  And I have to brag--I got onto the top ten scores in several games, competing with my husband, who's in the National Guard, and four teenagers.  So even though I need to lose weight, I'm not totally lacking in physical fitness.  Not bad after many years of on-and-off-again serious illness.

And it was kind of fun--balance games, yoga, strength training, aerobics--and I finished up with a short run through a virtual park.  Wii Fit suggested a break a couple of times, but I only had a couple of hours before the family came back, and besides, breaks are for losers, right?  So after Wii Fit I boxed with Wii Sport.  I've been doing a bit of that lately.  The last opponent was so good that by the time I finally beat him, I could barely keep my arms up.  Wii Sport suggested a break, too, but I ignored that.  I am nothing if not disciplined.

Then my family came home, and I went to take the dogs outside one last time before bedtime.  Only my legs didn't seem to want to hold me up any more.  I don't know when I've been so totally exhausted, without being sick.  I was barely able to manage a few more chores before I climbed upstairs to bed, not quite crawling up the stairs.

So next time, There Will Be Breaks.

And today was yard work day.  My 'fitness' age last night may have been 51, but when I got out of bed this morning I think it was closer to seventy-something.  Fortunately I've pretty much completely recovered now.  Mowed the lawn, ran the weed trimmer (and it was in the eighties out there), used the hedge clippers, power washed a few things outside.  And I feel pretty good.

Sunday morning everybody will go to church.  And I will work out.  With breaks.


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