Sunday, November 15, 2015

Has it been two and a half years already?  Where to start....

Some things haven't changed.  I'm still not going to church.  Don't imagine I ever will.  I still haven't qualified for Social Security.  I'm still playing the piano.  I still have the driving problem, and the recognizing people problem, and, more often than I'd like, the people-not-undertanding-that-I-have-a-problem problem.

I haven't been to a doctor for a while now, if you don't count the injured thumb incident a while back.  They take you seriously in the ER if your thumb is obviously injured.  Thumb is fine now. 

I'm still getting my meds from overseas without a prescription and treating myself

I'm a better doctor than any doctor I've ever had.

Just before I gave up on medical practitioners, I discovered the one asthma inhaler in the known universe that actually works for me.  I must have tried a hundred different ones over the years.  And I've insisted on taking it easy when I get sick.  I'm doing that right this minute.  I also refuse to spend any time outdoors when it's cold--it's a trigger for me, and I'm done making myself sick.  Looking back over my two blogs, I see just how very sick I was, and how ridiculously hard I pushed myself to keep going at a regular pace no matter what.

This will hopefully be the fourth winter that I don't get really, really sick for long periods of time.  If you don't count the flu from hell that one winter.  It was still a better winter than many before that.  Looking back over this blog, I don't thinking it's fair that I counted that one, though.  I am a failure as a hypochondriac for not counting that as one of the sick years. lol

But that's not the only thing that has changed.  A LOT has changed.

I got divorced.  It was a long time coming.  I'm probably not going to talk about it much here.  Unless I decide to.  It needed to happen.  Really, really, needed to happen.  My sister was the one who made this possible--she and my father are financially supporting me now.  They were more than half-supporting me already.  Child support helps when it comes.  And I'm actually getting SNAP!  And I have my state's version of Medicaid now, not that I've used it yet.  And my sister and I are planning to do a major remodel on this house, which desperately needs it.  Lots of little things have already been done to the place.

I am in better shape financially than I have been in a long, long time.  I know intellectually that I am not wealthy.  But I feel wealthy.  My island is no longer a third world country.  And it is a free country now....

My new fb page is going great.  I've managed to make all sorts of online friends, from countries all over the place, with all sorts of beliefs and lifestyles.  Many are autistic, a few are chronically ill, some are both.  I'm part of the online autism community now.  It's a fantastic place.

And we've joined a homeschool co-op!  People who are not ultra-conservative Christians (mostly not Christians at all) and who couldn't care less that I don't have a job.  The girls have been making friends, and we've been having them at our island for sleepovers.  I have actual real-life 3-D friends!  We even had a small Halloween party here.

Life is better.

I may not write here much--there is so much that I want to do, and not enough hours in a day to do it all.  And I'm not sick and bored so often.  Maybe I'll pop in from time to time, though.

See ya around!